Strategy Consulting

REVOLVE established as an investment consulting company in 2014 by two senior partners experienced in acquisition and strategic investment. Started from automation industry, we have accomplished multiple billions value of transactions in robotics, recycling, logistic, rehabilitation, drones, advanced manufacture, K12 education, and STEAM education. (check our case study…)

REVOLVE serves the clients by bridging the strategic well adapted industrial investors to the deal, introducing not only the capital support but also the synergy integration. Above 80% of our transactions have been accomplished with industrial investors (instead of institutional investors) who brought extra value to our sell side clients. (check our partnership…)

REVOVLE offers full stack of expertise in process of acquisition/strategic related transaction including initial buyer filtering, introduction files preparing, negotiation supporting, transaction scheme design, due diligence supporting, legal file preparing and after investment consulting.

Typically, we serves the clients as:

1.shareholder/funder looking for sold the business team looking for buyout the business looking for strategic investment (20%-49% shareholding) from industrial investors looking for business development partnership via Jointed venture with large industrial players