New for REVOVLE 2021

We recently have our official website ready for online application. Due to situation of global competition, COVID-19 spreading and economy shutdown, We are facing a more challenging business environment in early of 2020. In that, we are reshaping our business to adapt the new game rule. In one hand, We are continually developing automation industry and education market in the pandemic which proves to be worthy for long-term investment. In other hand, we are establishing two new business units, one for business database service which include most leading players information in china market and mainstream insight of local market and industry; another for Education online application which serves for vertical procedure of teaching, coaching and training. We will keep updating the status of these two units here. Stay tuned!

December 1, 2020

Synergy in academic and industry application

We are working with Shanghai Jiaotong University in establishing a new high-tech park near the School campus .This High-tech park is designed for the new material application industry including the marine, aerospace, automotive, laser and robotics. The University material facaulty would work with the leading players in the tech park, form collaborated labs and bring research in most advanced industrial application in new material area. ZPMC, AVIC and COSCO are one of most attendances in this collaborations.

December 1, 2020

Local development fund establishment

We are facilitating a serials of investment from multi-dimensional investors to establish a regional development equity consist of both government and social fund. The fund is dedicating to develop the local industries and market by introducing the leading players and social industrial investors to plant local branch and stimulate the employment and economy growth. The most welcome industrial investor including the education, automation and food industry. The total fund cap exceed 70M USD value.

December 17, 2020