$ 4,000,000

MES Industrial Player + Al StartUps

nJoin is an israel leading manufacture analysis Software Start Ups. They applying the most advantage deep learning and machine nlearning technology in processing industry. Clients as Coca-Cola BSF applying their software to deliver high advanced system maintenance and failure protection. EWIN is a leading MES software provider and own plenty of clients in automotive and food industry. EWIN make a 4M USD investment to nJoin and introduce the technology of nJoin into it’s clients

$ 3,500,000

Automation Industrial Player + BigData StartUps

SystemInsights is an USA based leading bigdata Start Ups specialized in delivering the advanced manufacture analysis in discrete industry such as aerospace, automotive, high precision machine tools. TG is a listed company in automation, logistic, recycling and energy industry Most of world major automotive manufacture are their clients. TG makes a 4M USD investment to SystemInsights and introduce the technology of SystemInsights into it’s multiple automotive clients in it’s automation business section

$ 60,000,000

Automation Industrial Player + Recycling Company

LiDi is one of the world’s biggest metal recycling shredder equipment manufacture. it also has a full product line of automotive recycling machine and we named turn key solution as an integrator.TG is a listed company in automation, logistic, recycling and energy industry Most of world’s major automotive manufacturer are their clients. In Recycling business section TG has multiple metal recycling operation center and make a jointed venture with Germany recycle giant Alba TG makes an around $60,000,000 to fully acquired the LIDI. And with the acquisition, TG downstream operation with upstream automation.

$ 15,000,000

Fund+Listed Company + Logistic Automation

Gensong is a leading logistic automation equipment manufacture and automation integrator They have clients in high variety of the downstream clients including the wine, softdrink, fasion, energy, paper, casting, government infrastructure,etc. The world leading logistic player such as Swisslog and Dematic are also Gensong’s valued clients The listed company INFORM and another institutional investor total makes an $15,000,000 investment. INFORM is a large warehouse rack manufacture provider. With the investment, the listed company will embedded automation logistic capability into the group

$ 5,000,000

Government+Private Investment + Robotic Company

Fuyang is a Robotic automation manufacture and integrator. They dominate the automation market of newspaper in china and have a variety of the clients in military, automotive, chemical, logistic. Their strengh of competition mostly comes from their well designed specialized AGV which applied in different application field. A local government platform and an individual investor has made a sustantial investment on Fuyang to facilitate the developing in industry 4.0 manufacture capability and market resource.

$ 7,000,000

Fund + Automation Cooking

JBY is running a big traditional chain restaurant business, in 2015, the REVOVLE advisor reached the owner and together with the senior management, JBY introduced and redeveloped an automation cooking applicants for family use. With the developed online platform and food processing technology, the new fast cooking business reach an $30,000,000 USD new cash flow of operation. We also introduced a group of investors with the background of food processing and made investment totally up to $7,000,000USD which used to develop the new business branch.

Co-work on Market

Automation Industrial Player + E-Commerce Logistic

China E-Commerce logistic market is the most wide and wild market in global. Almost all of the strongest global players put a feet on this regional markets. However, the local players always get a favourable wind on the competition for much easier adapt to client’s manner. In that, we make an ally collaboration between TG, a local powerful player, with Swisslog, a international high tech logistic automation company. The goal of the collaboration is to synergize the capablity of the market resource with the high qualified technology and together, developing the market in E-Commerce business

Enter into New Market

Robotic Groups + Kids Education

RTEC is one of the biggest kid robotic group in china.it owns more than 50 schools in 10 provinces Most of the kids are from the age of 6 to 15. They also held large robotic competition in global wide and variety of technical camp for kid in different seasons. SIASUN is one of the biggest industrial robotic manufacture in china and robotic related R&D national center. We introduced SIASUN enter into a Collaboration with RTEC in kid robotic education and competition related. With a strong base of clients of RTEC and high professional expertise of SIASUN, the RTEC has expand the education into professional level while SIASUN has entered into the education market