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We are gathering the genius people in high tech, make a show and reward more


In 2017 Competition, We would gather more than 300 Projects


We will held One Race Collaborate with CREATINEER. Only open to high tech Start up

$ 60MM+

Our Accredited Investor would raise more than 60 Million USD in the proposed investment followed the competition


More than ten genius teams will win out in different area

Easy Steps From Very Beginning

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Step1: Register on our Web: We have a very simple register process,which you can find at the right conner of each web page. The registration will help us define your initial status as potential investors, startups or other visitor.
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Step 2: Sign Up Startup: We will recognize your demand more specifically by your Sign up our Statup Member. It takes zero costs, but require more info from you. Such as your choice of entering competition, Investment service, and info disclosing. Simply click “Get Investment” or “Sign Up Startup”, We will deliver a specialist to you via email ASAP.
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Step 3: Enter into an Investment Banking Service: Only those who sign an Investment Banking Service Agreement with us will enter into our full package of investment service with or without a Sign Up of Competition. We are not only accept the Investment Banking Service for Startup but also the much mature company in M&A, Share Purchasing, Strategic Collaboration and other specific demand.

Open to Your Choice

Start ups have different demands,some willing to enter into a competition, some want keep low profile,some seeking investment, some seeking public imgage, some seeking clients or trail project, and some seeking manufacture support. Basicly we support all, that’s why we need to your sign up as a startup member to specilize your demand and service based on it.

Less Cost and Less Labors

Except a clear, positive demand for seeking investment bank service in competition or without the competition, the most of the service we deliver to Start up is zero cost, And most of work we sign with Sign Up Startup Member is handled by our specialists. But we set the procedure of Sign Up for clearly accepting deliver service only to specific mutual agreed Member under the related agreement.

Enter Into A Great Competition In 2017
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We will make a showcase for each attended Startup in 2017 competition. The showcase will be presented to our investors online or other introduction material.

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Our first round competition opened in head of Aug. It will be held online, reviewd and judged by the experts and investors. 40 teams will win out of first challenge.

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If you winning the first round, we will invite you to record a competition DV and enter a serials of activity with all the winners and investors. And we provide extra business guildance and one to one meeting with investors.

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Our second round competition opened in head of Sep. You will be invited to the onsite and the champion will be rewarded. We will compensate the expense of traveling. And more than 10 teams will win out of the final competition.

If only the Champion = Opportunity to get the Investment?

When you Sign Up with us in the competition, you are exposed to strong professional investors. They may invest anytime, no have to be waiting the outcome of competition.

The competition bring Starup not only investment but also public image, trial project, big clients, money award, discounted manufacture.

The Champion will get money award.But all the Sign Up Startup will get the opportunity of investment, even for those who fail to win out.