AI. Industry 4.0. Advance Manufacture

  • Industry: Manufacture software
  • Location: Tel Aviv
  • Phase Stage: Trial - Standard about the Phase Stage
  • Finance Round: Venture
  • Employee: 20+
  • Company Start At: 2013
  • Open to Finance: No


nJoin is a high advanced technology company focusing on provide new generation of industry 4.0 turnkey solution to help factory and manufacture center to upgrade their efficiency of operation and maintenance. The company has established in 2012 by three primary founders come from AI research, Automation application and Fintech. In the last four years, the company has achieved a fast development and accumulated the multiple global giant manufacture clients in high advanced processing industries and set a serious successful applications around the world. The company now has expanded from Israel to west europe and china by actively working with local partners.

Product & Service

The full set of nJoin's product including a multiple tiers software package from collecting data, transmitting the data, enrich the data to analysis the data and finally visionalize the data and bring out the forecasting and expert advice. The company provides a turnkey solution for any stage of manufacture center, transform it to a more advanced operation units driven by the data. The value behind the product and service will bring the factory more efficiency and cost saving.

Client & Market

The clients nJoin recent has are mostly the global manufacture players in processing industry. The industry of the clients cover the food&beverage, diary, chemistry, energy and automotive. The region that the company reach including the Israel, North America, South America, Germany and China.

Industry Credit & Competition Advantage

*Startup Autobahn (sponsored by Daimler) - Winner

*EY Startup Challenge 2016 with mentorship by BASF - Winner

*Challengeup! (sponsored by Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, and Intel) -Winner

*The Bridge By Coca-Cola (sponsored by Coca cola) -Winner

*Techfounders (sponsored by BMW,Bosch,Festo and Siemens) - Finalists

*Incense Accelerator (sponsored by Enel and Endesa) - Winner

*Startmeup.HK- Finalist

Team & Story

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