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Logistic automation. AGV. Robot

  • Industry: Logistic Automation
  • Location: Hefei, China
  • Phase Stage: Mature about the Phase Stage
  • Finance Round: PE
  • Employee: 150
  • Company Start At: 2002
  • Open to Finance: No


Gen-Song was established in 2002, which is a leading intelligent logistics system integrator and logistics equipment manufacturer in China, mainly engaged in the automated stereoscopic warehouse system and inside material conveying system, and which includes the research and development of software and hardware system, solution planning and programming, project implementation, equipment installation and technical service.Gensong once work with Japan Komatsu and now have the technical and business cooperation with Swisslog. Gensong developed stacker crane (AS/RSvechile), rail guided vehicle (RGV), electrified monorail system (EMS), automated guided vehicle (AGV), etc, until now we can supply the whole logistic equipment production line.

Product & Service

Gen-song independently researches and develops key products of logistics system, and customizes manufacturing according to the customer industry project requirements.

*Automated storage system

Stacker crane

Heavy Stacker crane

Light stacker crane

*Transportation equipment


Electrified Monorail System (EMS)

Heavy-duty suspension trolley

Lightweight suspension trolley

Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV)

Single-pallet and circular-track shuttle car

Single-pallet and straight-track shuttle car

Double pallet and straight-track shuttle car


*Automatic control system




Client & Market

Gensong's product and service has been applied in the high diversified industries including but not limited to food&beverage, wine, chemistry, paper, tobacco, casting, automotive, infrastructure. Gesong is also the qualified supplier of world largest logistic automation provider Swisslog & Dematics.  In 2016, Gensong has expanded the new market into industry 4.0 manufacture logistic upgrading. Now, Gensong's revenue growth for recent years exceed to 30% annually.

Industry Credit & Competition Advantage

Gen-song has registered a variety of patents, and formed a complete product system.


Gen-song set up new product R & D center in May 2011, based on the in-depth research of industry trends and the prospective development of technology, it keeps introduce smarter logistics equipment to provide intellectual ensurance for Logistics industry development and meet customer requirements. In these three years, Gen-song has made more than twenty national patents, and won a number of industry firsts.


One of the logistics equipment manufacturers that earliest introduces single column light stacker of aluminum alloy.


One of the logistics system integrators that earliest introduces and manufactures RGV.


The first logistics equipment manufacturer that starts developing and promoting EMS in China.


The first logistics equipment manufacturer that starts independently developing AGV and achieving industrialization in China.


Gen-song has the integrated manufacturing capability and quality which include mechanical processing, welding, stamping, forging, machining, painting, precision machinery manufacturing ,ect. We have more than 200 sets of production equipment, including large high precision laser cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, 3 sets of 500T hydraulic machine, 2 sets of machining center, all sorts of CNC machine tools, CNC lathe, shot blasting machine and so on, have the whole blast, primer, paint, drying production line.



Gensong once work with Japan Komatsu which was one of the world's largest construction machinery manufacturers and now also have the technical and business depth cooperation with Swisslog which is the world's top logistics integrator.

Team & Story

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