Robotics, Motors

  • Industry: Robotic System Manufacture
  • Location: Nanjing China
  • Listed Company: SZ.002747
  • Market Cap: 1.5 Billion USD
  • Employee: 1000
  • Application Market: Automotive, Energy, Electrical Appliance, Engineering Construction...


Nanjing Estun Automation Company, incorporated in 1993, is a company which seized the development opportunity lying in the reform and opening-up policy and has made arduous efforts along with its entrepreneurial team for over 20 years. The Company has not only become one of the leading domestic enterprises in manufacturing core controlling parts for high-end intelligent equipment, but has also entered into the industry of industrial robots for its strengths in core part manufacturing, transforming itself into a major enterprise engaged in domestic robot industry equipped with autonomous technology and capacity in core part manufacturing. On March 20, …

Product & Service

Metal forming Automation:


CNC System for Pendulum Shearing Machine

CNC System for Guillotine Shearing Machine

CNC System for Torsion Press Brakes

CNC System for Electro-hydraulic servo Press Brakes

CNC System for full-electric Press Brakes

Total Solution for Security Press Brakes

CNC products for stamping

CNC System for cut-to-length line

CNC System for Hydraulic Press

Electro-hydraulic servo system



AC servo System & Motion Control System:


AC Servo Drives

AC Servo Motors

Motion Control Products

Electro hydraulic servo pump system

Digital Field Bus



Industrial Robot


Linear Axes Robot


Four Axis Palletizing Robot

Six Axis Articulated Robot




Smart Manufacturing System


Automobile Industry

Household appliance Industry

Elevator Industry

New Energy Industry

Construction Machinery Industry

Client & Market

The company has reached a annual growth of 40% based on the market expanding. The most highlight record is robotic and intelligent system, which hits a 167% growth record in the 2016. The company’s robotic system has been widely applied in automotive and automotive parts, electrical appliance, 3C, food beverage, chemistry, fertilizer, wine, feeding, new energy and construction industries. The company has 25 sales offices in national wide and 136 distributors in the country. The company has also established 5 subsidiaries in the global wide in England, Italy, Turkey, India and USA and has 48 distributors in 60 countries and locations.

Industry Credit & Competition Advantage

ESTUN is acknowledged by the nation as a high-tech enterprise and is equipped with a national enterprise postdoctoral workstation, 3 engineering technology centers of Jiangsu Province, a provincial enterprise technology center of Jiangsu Province, a national engineering technology center for machinery industry and acts as Functional Parts Branch of National Committee of Metalforming Machinery Standardization, Vice President of China Robot Alliance, Executive Chairman of Jiangsu Specialized Committee of Industrial Robot and Chinese member of International Federation of Robotics (IFR). Meanwhile, the Company has successively undertaken a number of national major technological research & development projects, including 04 special projects of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (major specials projects on basic equipment and numerically-controlled machine tool), 2 major specials projects on 863 high technology of Ministry of Science and Technology, and 2 achievement transformation industrialization projects of Jiangsu Province, etc.. The Company has developed a number of national or industrial standards for NC equipment and NC system independently or as a leading part; the Company also owns over hundred of domestic and foreign patents.