Industrial robot. Service robot

  • Industry: Robotic system and integration
  • Location: Shenyang.Shanghai
  • Listed Company: SZ.300024
  • Market Cap: 5 Billion USD
  • Employee: 2117
  • Application Market: Automotive, Logistic, Military, Infrastructure, Medical


SIASUN Automation is a Consolidated Industry group invests and operates in Industrial Robots, intelligent logistic warehouse, Automation Equipment and diversified High-Tech Robots. It stands a top strong position in automation and robots industry in local china and cooperated with leading industry Manufacture, SOEs, and Government buyers. With the boom of upgrade of automation in manufacture industry and fade of labor cost advance in china, SIASUN has focused it’s strategy on expending the automation equipment business and search the global partners to explore the fast growing markets together.

Product & Service

-Industrial Robots

-Automation assembly line

-Automation logistic equipment and integration

-Clean room Robots

-Specific Robots applied in diversified condition



Client & Market

Industrial Robots & automation assembly line: Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, Valeo...

Automation logistic (include AGV): China Tobacco, State Grid, Petro China...

Clean room Robots: LG, SumSung...

Other application: Shengyang Metro and diversified government buyers...

Industry Credit & Competition Advantage

Barrier markets:

SIASUN base on it’s strong capability of manufacture and R&D with special status ( owned by the China Academy of Sciences) has stand a substantial markets share in some high barrier markets as Electric power, Military, Automobile manufacture and Government procurement.

Leading tech position:

SIASUN base on the abundant resource of technology and application storage, has stood a leading tech position in china automation equipment industry with few local competitor challengeable in the next few years.

Niche Status:

SIASUN is the national automation equipment technology center and one of two hundred 1st classes military qualified supplier in china. It is also the chairman of the china robot industry alliance and national engineering center.

Strong platform:

SIASUN as a listed company has high capability to finance and a high PE ratio indicated the positive confidence from the investment markets. Also, SIASUN as a national technology center has consolidated and synergized varied of valued human resource from national wide and build

very strong advantage inside.

Wide product line and balanced business structure:

SIASUN rises from 4 business units to 11 with extending growth products line annually. From automobile, aerospace to deep sea and logistic, SIASUN’s diversified products now applied in many different downstream industry and operated in a very even percentage. This balanced business structure would well defend the market floatation in each specific markets and optimize the performance of the group in general.

Differentiation Strategy:

SIASUN take a differentiation strategy instead of cost cut to expend market share and retrieval the high return from the clients. Especially for non-standard equipment and solution that SIASUN provides make a different strategy to win in the competition.