A WAY of Business

At Revovle, We build our business through our close working enterprise partners. The partners could be either investors, high tech investees or the local financial service providers. We benefits our partners with variety of unique resource including investment banking, Investment management,local market strategic collaboration and sales pipes developing.

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Be Great With REVOVLE

Revovle is a Platform for upgrading your business from good to best. We leverage our resource to support you finding good investment, business partners and niche markets, we make your deal done in a pleasant way.

WE Bring you
Investment Banking

  • We find the best investment target for our Partners
  • The target is unique, match with Partners’ specific expectations and demands
  • We work through with Partners in complex dealing to minimize dealing cost and maximize the interests
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WE Bring you
Investment Management

  • We help to establish the USD fund for large Partners (total assets exceed 1 Billion USD)
  • We faciliate the financing for the fund to bring in more capital for fund
  • We have experienced licensed expert to manage the fund for your business

WE Bring you
Strategic Collaboration

  • We are backed up by powerful high tech group in global wide
  • We have sufficient resource to facilitate our Partners to find perfect match collaborator in the world biggest market
  • These stratefic collaborators can bring you sales pipes, capial, local human resource, R&D support and manufacture support
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WE Bring you Sales pipes developing

  • We can bring Partner the sales order directly through our vast Partners network
  • We can also find application field for prototype through our vast Partners network
  • And we can independently financing Partner’s specific business in above.