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REVOVLE is founded in 2013 as a consulting and investment banking service in Buyout, M&A, Share Purchasing,Private Placement, Financial Reconstruction and Strategy Collaboration in high tech industry. In past 3 years, We have closed more than $100 Million USD deal in Advanced manufacture and robotic industry (not included other industries) and established firm cooperation relationship with leading industry companies and private funds. REVOVLE has also established the StartUp Competition and Seed Investment in 2016. Now,We are continually expand our service to USA, Germany, Israel and other high tech regions.

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Gear A Tech Future:

Global High Tech Industry has met new big booming markets with worldwide manufacture and logistic revolution and big changing of people living. The Leading high tech enterprises are making big effort in investing in these new generations of breakthrough application technology and searching to make a global wide collaboration between innovation and market.

We are dedicating to value this demand to bridge the diversified resource into an integrated collaboration platform and facilitate the specific high tech application by investment, marketing and infrastructure support. We are focused on trends of new application of advanced Manufacture, Logistic, Entertainment, Education, Clean Energy, Material, Medical industries and Agriculture. And we got strong strategic investors or partners in our back to fully support the best high tech application and investment.

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More than a successfull investment:

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A successful trial project is crucial for the company . A well named,good patient partner client for the first project is also critical. Our Investors and Partners can bring the trial project to your company very quickly with full support of your application.You would be provided a very good opportunity to show the strength of the technology and value behind.


Company lacks of all kinds of resource. So, we would like to bring some necessary to them. In a trial project and later stage project, if The company co-work with our partners and investors, normally they can raise an independent fund to the project related. This gives a high risk protection to company. the fund would be raised as a JV or subcontract model.


Our investors and partners are mostly large industrial players. They own a large quantity of market pipeline in specific market which would match up with company future market. They are highly willing to introduce valued technology to a mass application for their clients. This is a win-win strategy what our partners and investors are believing.


Some companies has a weak negotiating capability in procurement especially with large manufacture suppliers. Our partners and investors can possibly bring the better condition to the company through their empowered supplier chain and manufacture capability.