REVOVLE Cowork with CREATINEER In 2017 CREATINEER COMPETITION events. The CREATINEER is a high tech start up competition held globally since 2015.It is orgnized by the automation and robotic industry players and sponsered by different universities and lots of investors. The goal of the competition is to find the best high tech in commercial value. we prepare the grants, investments, markets, strategic partners, public images and more to the attendences and genius teams.Coming and find out.

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2016 Events Awarded Project

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Highlights of the Competition Events

The CREATINEER has been held in two years since 2015. It focuses on the high tech seed competition and investment, values the seed from the commercial application. The competition is keep growing eachyear with more attendences and more investment. Also, The CREATINEER has caught public eyes and bring variety of industry support for those approved genius teams.

The Orgnizers

The Main Orgnizer of the CREATINEER Competition is the China biggest robotic enterpise SIASUN. The sponsors including the universities, institutional investors and seed investors.

The Projects

The applicapable projects including most of intelligent and automation high techs as robotic system, wearable devices, drone system, core parts, AI software and other awesome products and applications.

The Attendences

There are 296 teams from 20 reagions enter into this competition in 2016 and there would probably 400 teams in 2017. Fifteen teams winning out and get the 20K-30K USD for seed grants with investment followed.

The Public Images

There are six competition judges and nine competition experts engaged in 2016 events, and we will have more in this time.There are 800+public reports by public medias and 300,000+ online reviews of competition events in 2016.
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